As we speak, there are over 871,600 jobs to be filled in Canada, including 238,000 in Quebec. This worrying fact, exacerbated by two years of pandemic and restrictive measures, is nothing new whatsoever. In fact, the labour shortage has been the main scourge of Quebec businesses for years.

To remedy the situation and keep their employees longer, companies are stepping up their game: better wages, increased profits and flexible schedules are just a few examples of the measures that are being taken to turn things around. These solutions are certainly honourable, even essential to ensure an inclusive and stimulating work environment, but they generally only overcome short-term obstacles without getting to the root of the problem.

In this eBook, you’ll discover:

  • What awaits us in terms of labour shortage
  • What the jobs of tomorrow will be
  • How AI can decrease your dependence on labour
  • What sorts of tasks to automate
  • What types of businesses AI is for